AGM Minutes April 2016

LPN Association Annual General Meeting

Monday April 25, 2016

Meeting start time: 1900 Meeting wrap up: 2100

Location: Copper Ridge Place Rendezvous Room

In Attendance: Board Members Keri Moore (president), Amanda Fraser (vice president), Theresa Beaudoin (treasurer), Jessie Rushant (secretary), Sherry Fairweather (director).

Guest speaker Mieke Leonard, Executive Director YRNA and Chair LPN Advisory

Mieke spoke about her role as the Chair of the LPN Association, explaining that while the Advisory Committee is in place to advise the government about areas requiring change for LPN practice (ie exams, regulations, fees and education), the majority of the work the committee is currently involved in surrounds discipline and complaints. Most of this is due to the need for regulatory changes around same. These needs have been reiterated recently in both a supreme court ruling and attention from the Ombudsman.

The three seats on the Advisory Committee are currently filled with Mieke and LPNs Erika Oppen-Smith and Scott Wood. They met most recently in March and meet again this Wednesday. They are currently working at building a website, email address, and letter advising about the LPN advisory committee. Mieke will be pitching a business case to Consumer Affairs April 26th, requesting funding for those projects and for education for people sitting on the disciplinary panel. Another action item completed recently was the securing of a lawyer for the disciplinary panel for the next 3 years (prior to this, our panel, people with no legal background were being expected to write legal documents and submit them to the court). Most importantly, the Committee sees the need to take a preventative approach so are pushing for the regulatory changes advised in the supreme court ruling and from the Ombudsman.

Mieke also deals with all complaints and discipline for the YRNA. She mentioned the training that has been sourced for their use and its value. She also mentioned that because of the size of our community, there is often a conflict with any professional in the field being asked to be on the disciplinary committee of another professional. To avoid the conflict presented in small town Yukon, the YRNA has recruited trained people from CRNBC to complete disciplinary investigations.

In response to the question of whether it is a conflict to be on both the LPN Association and the Advisory or Disciplinary Committee, Mieke suggested that these are not conflicting.

Lastly Mieke strongly expressed that YRNA and its members want to support LPNs and to see our Association succeed. All LPNs were encouraged to call and approach the YRNA with suggestions, requests, etc. For one thing, the YRNA may be a source of free legal advice. She also reiterated that there is funding for education that is for nursing in general but is currently handled by the YRNA through the Management Fund Committee. This goal is for a greater interdisciplinary approach for continuing education around nursing leadership and management and the YRNA would like input if any LPNs have suggestions for training. The last used funds were to put to the EPEC-O course offered last weekend. Much of the funding was though CPAC (Canadian Partnership against Cancer) and it was a successful course with 5 of the seats being filled by LPNS.

Additions to meeting agenda:
Theresa will speak about the job fair.

Minutes from last year’s AGM were circulated for approval.

The newly voted in logo was approved. See the Yukon LPN website, , for a viewing.

Theresa reviewed the job fair that the Association took part in last October. Our booth had information on what it is to be an LPN, and blood pressure testing was offered. The

YLPNA booth neighboured the YRNA booth which worked quite well for getting us out to the public. We had a flyer to give out with our mission and vision statements, info on

Yukon College training, and what LPN’s do.

The Yukon LPN Association’s mission and vision statements, developed this year, are:

To support Yukon LPNs through the provision of leadership, advocacy, mentorship and increased community awareness.

The Yukon LPN Association provides opportunities for collaboration, education, member’s input and community involvement.

The Association seeks to bring about policy and/or regulatory changes that advance the profession.

Theresa reviewed the year’s budget. We came in on budget, with the money we made from memberships being used to cover operating expenses.

Liability Insurance:
We are ready to roll it out!

Three different companies are willing to cover us. The coverage is pretty close to the same between them with $2 million being the minimum coverage we can purchase. The board will choose before the end of the month and once completed, details will be sent to everyone.

The group insurance will cover malpractice. There are a couple LPNs in the territory however, who are self employed and going into people’s homes. They may want   general liability insurance as well to cover potential accidents causing injury to self or patient property. For a minimal fee, general insurance can be purchased additionally.

Anyone interested should contact an association board member.

Costs for insurance are embedded in the membership fee. Your employer may cover the fee. The WGH collective agreement says “professional fees are covered” and WGH employees are encouraged to claim the cost. YG employee’s fees are currently not covered by their collective agreement. They are currently in negotiations and no longer accepting new additions for bargaining so this may need to be an issue addressed the next time YG union employees go to the bargaining table.

The association had received assurances from the current territorial government that they would ensure our membership and licensure fees would be covered for all LPNs however, but they have since backed out. On a side note, all other Canadian provinces have mandatory insurance, many more expensive than ours and also not covered so we are not in the worst situation.

Our policy will be bound as of the end of April. We will have to pay the full fee at that time. We will either need to base numbers on last year’s membership (72 people) or what we currently have but as of the end of April we will not be able to change fees even if more people join (more members = potentially lower fees). Next year our fees will change based on this year’s numbers.

Students will have a $25 association membership fee but will not have liability insurance with that fee. When an individual’s license is accomplished, the remaining amount will need to be paid.

There was a question raised about whether students using an interim license can/ need to have the liability insurance. Keri will look into it.

If anyone has anything they would like to see on the website, please forward it to a board member and we will see it added on.

Board Positions:
We have lost people throughout the year so a couple directors are needed.

Keri has been in the role of President for years and is willing to step down. This was discouraged by all at this time.

Amanda was elected to Vice President last year so has one more year in the term.

Jessie was elected to secretary last year so has one more year in the term.

Theresa stepped into the role of Treasurer mid year as the previous treasurer stepped down. Interest was shown for her role by Lindsay Heynen. There was discussion about what role students could take and it was decided that until they are licensed LPN’s they should not form the executive. However, Lindsay offered to work alongside Theresa assisting with taking care of membership cards and this was approved.

Shawna McEwan put herself forward as a director. She was accepted by Emerald Gillespie and seconded by Brenda Winstanley. Brenda Winstanley stepped forward as a director. She was accepted by Shauna McEwan and seconded by Emerald Gillespie.

Laura Gohl was nominated by Amanda Fraser. She was not in attendance at this meeting and will need to be confirmed.

Sarah Schleinkofer, Ann Doherty and Sherry Fairweather will stay on as Directors.

Strategic Planning:
We discussed hiring a strategy planner. This will cost money though we can get funding through Volunteer Yukon. If we were going to pay this expense, we would like much input from the membership. Please pass forward your ideas through a board member or the “contact” section of our web page.

Annual Event:
We would like to throw an annual event for our membership to come together yearly, outside of work. If anyone has ideas please share them, again, through a board member or the contact section of the website.

Member Meeting – Sep 30, 2015

LPN Association Member Meeting Minutes
Wednesday September 30, 2015

Meeting start time: 1900 Meeting wrap up: 2120
Location: Copper Ridge Place Multi Purpose Room

Directors In Attendance: Amanda Fraser, Keri Moore (president), Teresa Beaudoin,
Sherry Fairweather, Aaron Bielz, Sarah Schlienkofer, Jessie Rushant (meeting minutes)
Late Arrival: Tombari Ganabel

The board of directors were introduced to the members.

Keri gave a rundown of the agenda.

The YLPNA has an official website and it is up and running. A friend of Sherry’s has
been doing most of the work developing it so far. Jessie and Sherry will be trained to
maintain the website in order to keep it up to date with meeting minutes, links, etc. Stay

Tara has stepped down as a Director. Theresa was introduced as the acting Treasurer
until the next AGM when a Treasurer can officially be elected. Cassandra is not in

Job Fair
Sarah introduced the idea of participation in the next job fair on October 29 1030-4 at
the KDCC. If we sign up by Oct 2, the fee is $100. The reasons for joining the job fair
were discussed, including the need to educate the public about who we are for the
profession and for making the association known, and to encourage people to join the
LN profession. Volunteers signed up. Sarah and Aaron will take the lead on the project.

Liability Insurance
There was discussion around the fact that LPN’s are not covered other than what the
workplace provides. The cost of purchasing liability insurance as an individual is
expensive, so we are looking at group insurance which would require a buy in from all
LPN’s to make it affordable. One idea, and the most viable one, is mandating liability
insurance in order to be licensed as an LPN in the Yukon. In order to do this there are
wording changes that need to take place in documents at Corporate Affairs, the
department that controls our licensing. Keri had positive feedback in regards to the
attitude and the ability to make these changes from two individuals in Corporate Affairs
who have since retired. Keri will be meeting with Alicia Bell from Consumer Services on
October 5th to get more details about the wording that needs to change, the timeline
that is required, and who in Consumer Services will take the lead on this project. Other
than mandating the liability insurance, Corporate Affairs would not be involved so the
LPN Association will be in charge of the set up, collection of fees, etc. Therefore, the
cost of insurance will be included in future membership fees.

YRNA Collaboration
YRNA and YLPNA have agreed that they should remain separate entities however the
YRNA is enthusiastic about including LPN’s in their activities such as training, meetings,
etc. They are organizing an all candidates forum on October 13th for the upcoming
election and have invited all LPN’s. Keri will forward the invite.

Members meetings:
We have been doing 4 a year plus the AGM for 5 meetings a year. It has been
suggested that 5 are too many but that if we go down to two, people may not get to
attend. The number/ year will go to vote at the April AGM.

The revenue and expenses for the year were presented and explained by Theresa.

Mission and Vision Statements
Mission and Vision Statements were presented to and agreed on by the membership.
Here they are!
Vision: To support Yukon LPNs through the provisions of leadership, advocacy, mentors
hip and increased community awareness.
Mission: Yukon LPN Association provides opportunity for collaboration, education,
member’s input and community involvement.
The Association seeks to bring about policy and/or regulatory changes that advance the

Logo contest:
The hunt for a YLPNA logo is being put to competition. All members and others are
encouraged to enter for prize $$$$. Entrees can be submitted in hard copy to any
Director or scanned and emailed to any director. Contact and contest information will be
on the YLPNA website. Entries need to be submitted by January. Three will be chosen
by the board members then those three will be posted on the website to be voted on by
all members. The official logo will be presented at the next AGM. Non members please
submit too.

In the future there will be a different rate for students and licensed LPNs however this
year they will be the same rate. The cost is currently $25/year however, since the
renewal takes place in April, the fee is half this year: $12.50.
They include a dozen amazing discounts to local stores and are currently for sale.
Please contact anyone on the board to obtain registration documents. Payment can be
made by cash, transfer, or cheque.
The first memberships went on sale at this meeting.

Concerns with the LPN Disciplinary Panel
Karen Gilbert came as the chair of the Advisory Committee to speak about concerns
with the disciplinary panel. The overall problem is that the LPN Act is vague so there are
many holes around what is and isn’t acceptable for LPN discipline:
-The Disciplinary Panel/ Committee of Inquiry is comprised of 2 LPNs and one
community member. These individuals are volunteers who receive no training but are
tasked with being judge, and jury around issues that impact your career. This involves
collecting evidence, filing paperwork, etc. They need more guidance!
Karen has been in touch with the Ombudsman and Corporate Affairs’ lawyer and is
hoping that the Ombudsman will make available money for training the committee
-There is no mandatory time limit for the disciplinary process written into our LPN Act.
The Disciplinary Committee receives the complaint within two weeks but from there
the process can take years in which you may be unable to work, and may need to pay
your own legal fees.
-Unlike in other jurisdictions, there is no criteria for what is a valid complaint written into
our LPN Act. Anybody (patient, family member, community member, coworker,
employer, etc) can file a complaint to Consumer Affairs about anything and they do not
need to provide proof. For example, the complaint may say only “unsafe with meds” or
“provides poor care” but provides no examples, and no evidence. Due to Access to
Information and Protection of Privact Act (ATIPP), the disciplinary committee has not
even been able to get copies of MARs or incident reports to assist with investigations.
Again, your career may be put on hold while the investigation is ongoing.
-Also missing from the LPN Act, are clear guidelines about appropriate discipline
meaning outcomes can vary widely from increased training, to loss of jobs, to hefty
-While Consumer Affairs, as the licensing body, has a lawyer, you as the LPN with no
liability insurance are not legally covered other than what your employer may or may
not provide. As the union does not cover licensing requirements, these are not issues
that can be brought to the union. Because of the expanded scope of practice, the
growing number of LPNs working, and the proposed facilities that will staff many
more, the number of complaints is rising and liability insurance is becoming more
important than ever.

After the latest court case, the disciplinary committee is looking to have the LPN Act revised. Stay tuned….

Member Meeting – June 17, 2015

LPN Association Member Meeting
Wednesday June 17, 2015
Meeting start time: 1910 Meeting wrap up: 2125
Location: Thomson Centre Fireside Room

In Attendance:
Board: Keri Moore (president and chair), Amanda Fraser (vice president), Jessie
Rushant (secretary and minutes), Tara Goodwin-Chief (treasurer), Cassandra Wood
(treasurer), Sherry Fairweather (director), Theresa Beaudoin (director), Tombari
Ganabel (director)
Association Members: Chelsie Jakesta, Julia Gerlach, Maribel Mamis

This meeting is a review and update for Yukon LPNs on what your Association has been up to since our AGM in April.

Corporate Affairs Update
The forms for registration as an association are all new this year. Completion of the
process is almost complete.

Before we can begin collecting membership fees and applying for grants we need a
bank account. Setting up an account for an NGO is complex but the process is
underway and we should be building a fund by the end of the summer.

Membership Fees
As agreed at the AGM, membership fees will be $25/year. After much investigation it
seems cash or cheque are the only viable options for collecting fees as the costs for
other means of collection such as Paypal or online banking will be too expensive. We
will likely start collecting fees at the September membership meeting. Fees will be for
operational events (ie AGM), educational sessions (ie bringing people in and taking
part in already occurring speakers), inclusion in events (ie rental of booths at job fairs,
Relay for Life, etc). Most of the collection will likely be towards bigger events at this

The website is well underway thanks to Sherry. Information about current board
members is on and the website is up and running. Please visit us at
On the contacts page there is space to enter comments/questions to the Association
that will then be appropriately directed and answered.
Future plans for the website include:
• Yukon Health Care jobs link.
• Making it a place to help with recruiting LPNs (ie for the new LTC facility).
• Links for jobs advertisements.
• LPN competencies
• A description of all places LPNs can work in the Yukon.
• Up and coming local workshops.

Liability Coverage
After meeting with consumer services, the YRNA, and others it looks like mandating
fees for liability insurance will likely be the best option. It will take some time to see
insurance come to fruition as we will be waiting on a change in legislation from
Corporate Affairs. Eventually the YLPNA will need to handle fees which will cost
around $100-$125 annually since All Yukon LPNs will have to buy in.
Because it will be a mandated license requirement, many employers will cover the
cost. If you do not think your employer will cover this, it might be something to bring
up at your next union negotiations. There was discussion around long term care
going into union negotiations and potential need to change wording so YG will cover
expense for liability insurance. Collective Bargaining Input is the name of process to
change items in collective agreement.
In regards to the collective agreement, Thomson Centre staff want to change wording
to have new grads oriented for a year before they are put in the role of Team Leader.
Discussion around the YLPNA role in advocating for these new grads determined that
the union has more power than YLPNA however the YLPNA can provide strong
advocacy and voice concerns to management and consumer services to try to obtain
regulation changes.
An LPN from Macauley spoke of having 4 orientation shifts then being left alone
overnight with no other nursing support other than a phone number for an RN at CRP
and the WGH emergency department. Discussion surrounded the huge concerns
requiring insurance.
We can provide advocacy for new grads and make sure that they know we will be
available to do so.

Collaborating with YRNA
The consensus is that the LPN Association will remain independent from but
collaborate with the YRNA. Keri will be meeting with their Executive Director, Mieke,
for lunch on June 29. Examples of collaboration might include having seats for LPNs
at workshops initiated by YRNA.

Lobbying government for Funding and/or grants
It is hard to proceed without money but how to get money? Amanda D has
investigated and found that you really need to be established to get some of the
bigger grants. This includes having a mission and vision statement which is in
progress. In the interim, while we work towards becoming a recognized and
established association we will apply for some of the smaller grants. We will also look
to acquiring donations locally for some of our smaller needs and costs.

Community Involvement
To gain the support of the community, and obtain funding options we need to make
ourselves known and contribute to our community. We have been exploring various
ways to do this including:
• Take part in the job fair at the cultural centre in October. Due to space and timing,
this may not be possible for the fall however, if not, there is also a fair in the spring
or we may be able to collaborate with the college or public health at their booths.
We would provide info about what it is to be an LPN, job opportunities including
new opportunities opening up, focus on scope, and requirements for schooling.
Theresa and Sarah are exploring these options.
• Tara is looking into our volunteering at the Back to School fair with public health.
• Set up a booth at CGC one afternoon providing some form of public health
education. A benefit to this is that the cost is small. There was discussion about the
possibility of doing this at the same time as Flu vaccine clinic (ie hand washing or
lice education while people wait).

Annual Event Ideas
We are aiming to host an annual non-formal, non-meeting event for LPN Association
members as an opportunity to build our sense of community and morale. There was
discussion about the possibility of obtaining donations for the event in exchange for
advertisement. There was also discussion about what the event will be (potlach?
barbecue? location?). We may use the website as a place to vote on this.

Add Ons:
There was discussion about whether or not we can we make a Facebook page for the
association. Amanda F will speak to YTG media people for advice tomorrow.
There was discussion about the need to educate the public about what an LPN is. In
addition to community events it was suggested that newspaper and radio could be
good routes to “getting ourselves out there”. It was noted that the general public
would be astonished to hear we have no insurance. Amanda will send an article she
has found from CNA about how all Canadian health professionals should have
mandatory insurance. There is no doubt Consumer Services will support making
insurance mandatory.

Mission and Vision:
In order to be established and apply for funding we need both a mission and vision
statement. Additionally, a business plan is a strategic plan that we should be creating
annually based on our mission and vision statements. The vision is what a group
aims to achieve in the big picture while the mission is generally what the group will do
now to attain the vision.

The last hour and a half of the meeting was spent in a group activity to collect ideas
for these statements. The activity was led by Amanda and Theresa.

From the ideas generated tonight the board will create the mission, and vision
statements. They will be presented at the next member meeting before they are

Next board meeting early September.
Membership meeting will be after the board meeting but before the first annual event.
Please stay tuned.

2015 AGM Minutes

LPN Association Meeting Minutes for AGM held on April 16th 2015, 7-930pm

Welcome to guests
Keri introduced the current board members, Theresa Beaudoin and Sherry
Fairweather, Directors and Keri Moore President.
The Agenda was approved and the request was made by Theresa Beaudoin to add
onto the agenda to discuss the request for LPNs to apply for the Disciplinary Panel by
Consumer and Corporate Affairs, wondering if there is a conflict of interest if a LPN
would like to sit on the Association as a board member and on the Disciplinary Panel.
Amanda Fraser queried if there could be an Education Fund for the LPN Association to

There are no current financial statements to review at this time.

Sherry Fairweather presented the LPN Association website that she has been working
on and discussed that she would like to post pictures and give LPNs the opportunity to
write in a blog. It was mentioned that the website would be available for the public
to view up to certain point, then in order to write messages on the blog, view certain
areas on the site, then a login username and password would be needed and that
access would be given with theLPN Association membership fee.

Keri attended a meeting with the Department of Community Services with the
Registrar Fiona Charbonneau and the ADM of the Department of Community Services
Charlene Beauchemin regarding liability insurance. Liability insurance can not be
collected by Consumer and Corporate Affairs as this would be a direct conflict of
interest. Consumer and Corporate Affairs not only handles the licensing of LPNs but
also the investigation and disciplinary processes for LPNS and is the regulatory body
for insurance companies in Yukon.

One possibility for liability insurance is to make it a mandatory requirement in order
for LPNs to be Licensed in Yukon. Other health related professions in Yukon and most
other provinces are required to purchase liability insurance. The LPN Association
would still have to be responsible for monitoring and collecting the insurance fees
along with the association fees. In order for this to take place, the mandatory liability
insurance would have to be mandated through changes in Legislation, which will take
some time.LPN Association is currently looking at different insurance companies for
different rates.

Keri asked for a show of hands who would not like to see insurance mandated in order
to renew the LPN license. No hands went up- all were in favour of having liability
insurance mandated. All were also willing to pay $125.0 extra for the liability
insurance and would likely be re paid by most employers.

Keri mentioned that she would be requesting a meeting with Ministers Nixon and
Dixon to bring awareness to the Association and discuss the possibility of an Education
Fund in the future.

Keri also mentioned that it may be time to meet with the YRNA as it has been a
couple years since our last meeting.

Some discussion occurred regarding the concern that some LPNS would like to sit on
both the board of the LPN Association as well as the LPN Disciplinary Panel or Advisory
Board. Many have voiced their concern regarding this being a conflict of interest.

Tom was wondering if the Association would be or could be an advocate for it’s
members. Some discussion occurred around this topic. The LPN Association is an
advocate for LPNS in many ways but cannot formally get involved in workplace issues
at this time. That would be more the place for the respective unions.

A discussion developed around the concern that the Union will not represent a casual
employee for the first 6 months after they are hired. Tom also brought up that the
National College of LPNs recommends new nurses to work for min of 6 mos to 1yr to
ensure their competency before they are left alone with the responsibility of team

Brenda Winstanley and Keri Moore spoke of the possibility of trying to enshrine
something in the collective agreements during contract negations that would stipulate
that new grads and new hires not be put into the team leader role until they have
been working for a set amount of time.

May 1st there is an information session regarding changes to the Society Act, Keri
asked if there was anyone interested to join her.

Membership fees discussed and asked what the membership fees cover, they would
cover the fees for the submission of forms, refreshments and snacks, bank account
fees, access to the website, supplies for meeting. Possible i services or events.
LPNs present were in favour of starting LPN Association Fees at $25.00/yr per

2015 Election for new board members began: A request was made to address as to
what the commitment would be for the board members It was decided that meetings
would be held four times per year plus an AGM.
Directors can take on subcommittees
Board members would give a 2 year commitment, however it may be wise to stagger
the years that the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected so
the board is not completely 100% new when elected.

Elected Board members for 2015-2017

President – Keri Moore
Vice President – Amanda Fraser
Secretary – Jessie
Treasurer – to be a shared position Tara Goodwin-Chief and Cassandra wood
Directors – Sherry Fairweather, Theresa Beaudoin, Amanda D, Tom G, Sarah S, Anne
Docherty, and Aaron Beiltz

Next meeting to be held on May 4th 2015 for the Board of Directors to discuss plans to move forward.