Executive & Board

Your Executive and Board of Directors for 2018 – 2019

President – Keri Moore

Hello, my name is Keri Moore and I’ve been honoured to represent LPNs as the President of the Yukon LPN Association for the past several years. I have also been recently elected for another term and I look forward to continuing with the Association. I have been nursing for 15 years and I’ve been working in acute care at WGH for the last 7. Prior to that I worked in continuing care for several years in Whitehorse and in various hospital locations in the Toronto area. I’m very passionate about nursing and supporting, advocating, and educating LPNs as we are an integral part of the health care system. I’m very excited about the progress we’ve made as an Association and the direction that our future growth will take us. I look forward to seeing you soon!



Vice President – Janeen Piliszanski

I am 27 years old, and have worked in the healthcare system for nine years. Been nursing for three years in Alberta, have currently just moved up to the Yukon in January. Enjoying the beauty the Yukon has to offer.






Secretary Jessie Rushant

Secretary – Jessie Rushant

Hi there. I graduated from the LPN program at Yukon College in 2012 and have been practicing at the Whitehorse General Hospital ever since. I have been on the board of the LPN Association since 2015, looking forward to being a part of a bright future for Yukon LPNs.

I am a Yukoner in every way, having been born and raised in Carcross and now raising my own 2 children here in “Bigville” (Whitehorse to us Carcrossians). I seem to spend most of my time at work and the rest of it cooking or playing outside in the mountains, lakes, and trails, usually with a protesting child in tow. Hope to see you out there!

Director - Theresa Beaudoin

Treasurer – Theresa Beaudoin

Hi, I’m Theresa Beaudoin, I’m a RAI Coordinator/LPN for the Thomson Center. I am extremely excited about the LPN Association as I have been involved with getting the LPN Association up and running since 2004, when I first became a LPN, I have been a Director on the Board for the last several years. An LPN Association is needed in the Yukon and as LPNs we need the support and strength of an Association. It’s exciting to see LPNs sharing their interests and realizing that we need each other, we need liability insurance, we need to be able to access education funds, and we need an active Association.


Director - Sherry Fairweather

Director – Sherry Fairweather

I moved to the Yukon in 1996, enticed by the education opportunities in nursing. I attended Yukon College for the NHA/HSW  program followed by the LPN program, and for upgrading courses when the LPN scope expanded in 2010.
Since graduating I have had the opportunity to work within Continuing Care at CRP and MacAulay Lodge. I also worked at Klondike Medical Clinic and was the first LPN hired to work at Home Care in 2007. I have also worked casual at WGH and am presently at Thomson Centre working on both Intermediate and extended care units.


Director – Sheryl Ann Wasson             Bio and photo to come.

Director – Karen Gilbert                      Bio and photo to come.

Director – Adam Mackie                     Bio and photo to come.

Director – Leah Santo                        Bio and photo to come.

Director – Vanessa Just                      Bio and photo to come.