2015 AGM Minutes

LPN Association Meeting Minutes for AGM held on April 16th 2015, 7-930pm

Welcome to guests
Keri introduced the current board members, Theresa Beaudoin and Sherry
Fairweather, Directors and Keri Moore President.
The Agenda was approved and the request was made by Theresa Beaudoin to add
onto the agenda to discuss the request for LPNs to apply for the Disciplinary Panel by
Consumer and Corporate Affairs, wondering if there is a conflict of interest if a LPN
would like to sit on the Association as a board member and on the Disciplinary Panel.
Amanda Fraser queried if there could be an Education Fund for the LPN Association to

There are no current financial statements to review at this time.

Sherry Fairweather presented the LPN Association website that she has been working
on and discussed that she would like to post pictures and give LPNs the opportunity to
write in a blog. It was mentioned that the website would be available for the public
to view up to certain point, then in order to write messages on the blog, view certain
areas on the site, then a login username and password would be needed and that
access would be given with theLPN Association membership fee.

Keri attended a meeting with the Department of Community Services with the
Registrar Fiona Charbonneau and the ADM of the Department of Community Services
Charlene Beauchemin regarding liability insurance. Liability insurance can not be
collected by Consumer and Corporate Affairs as this would be a direct conflict of
interest. Consumer and Corporate Affairs not only handles the licensing of LPNs but
also the investigation and disciplinary processes for LPNS and is the regulatory body
for insurance companies in Yukon.

One possibility for liability insurance is to make it a mandatory requirement in order
for LPNs to be Licensed in Yukon. Other health related professions in Yukon and most
other provinces are required to purchase liability insurance. The LPN Association
would still have to be responsible for monitoring and collecting the insurance fees
along with the association fees. In order for this to take place, the mandatory liability
insurance would have to be mandated through changes in Legislation, which will take
some time.LPN Association is currently looking at different insurance companies for
different rates.

Keri asked for a show of hands who would not like to see insurance mandated in order
to renew the LPN license. No hands went up- all were in favour of having liability
insurance mandated. All were also willing to pay $125.0 extra for the liability
insurance and would likely be re paid by most employers.

Keri mentioned that she would be requesting a meeting with Ministers Nixon and
Dixon to bring awareness to the Association and discuss the possibility of an Education
Fund in the future.

Keri also mentioned that it may be time to meet with the YRNA as it has been a
couple years since our last meeting.

Some discussion occurred regarding the concern that some LPNS would like to sit on
both the board of the LPN Association as well as the LPN Disciplinary Panel or Advisory
Board. Many have voiced their concern regarding this being a conflict of interest.

Tom was wondering if the Association would be or could be an advocate for it’s
members. Some discussion occurred around this topic. The LPN Association is an
advocate for LPNS in many ways but cannot formally get involved in workplace issues
at this time. That would be more the place for the respective unions.

A discussion developed around the concern that the Union will not represent a casual
employee for the first 6 months after they are hired. Tom also brought up that the
National College of LPNs recommends new nurses to work for min of 6 mos to 1yr to
ensure their competency before they are left alone with the responsibility of team

Brenda Winstanley and Keri Moore spoke of the possibility of trying to enshrine
something in the collective agreements during contract negations that would stipulate
that new grads and new hires not be put into the team leader role until they have
been working for a set amount of time.

May 1st there is an information session regarding changes to the Society Act, Keri
asked if there was anyone interested to join her.

Membership fees discussed and asked what the membership fees cover, they would
cover the fees for the submission of forms, refreshments and snacks, bank account
fees, access to the website, supplies for meeting. Possible i services or events.
LPNs present were in favour of starting LPN Association Fees at $25.00/yr per

2015 Election for new board members began: A request was made to address as to
what the commitment would be for the board members It was decided that meetings
would be held four times per year plus an AGM.
Directors can take on subcommittees
Board members would give a 2 year commitment, however it may be wise to stagger
the years that the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected so
the board is not completely 100% new when elected.

Elected Board members for 2015-2017

President – Keri Moore
Vice President – Amanda Fraser
Secretary – Jessie
Treasurer – to be a shared position Tara Goodwin-Chief and Cassandra wood
Directors – Sherry Fairweather, Theresa Beaudoin, Amanda D, Tom G, Sarah S, Anne
Docherty, and Aaron Beiltz

Next meeting to be held on May 4th 2015 for the Board of Directors to discuss plans to move forward.