AGM Minutes April 2016

LPN Association Annual General Meeting

Monday April 25, 2016

Meeting start time: 1900 Meeting wrap up: 2100

Location: Copper Ridge Place Rendezvous Room

In Attendance: Board Members Keri Moore (president), Amanda Fraser (vice president), Theresa Beaudoin (treasurer), Jessie Rushant (secretary), Sherry Fairweather (director).

Guest speaker Mieke Leonard, Executive Director YRNA and Chair LPN Advisory

Mieke spoke about her role as the Chair of the LPN Association, explaining that while the Advisory Committee is in place to advise the government about areas requiring change for LPN practice (ie exams, regulations, fees and education), the majority of the work the committee is currently involved in surrounds discipline and complaints. Most of this is due to the need for regulatory changes around same. These needs have been reiterated recently in both a supreme court ruling and attention from the Ombudsman.

The three seats on the Advisory Committee are currently filled with Mieke and LPNs Erika Oppen-Smith and Scott Wood. They met most recently in March and meet again this Wednesday. They are currently working at building a website, email address, and letter advising about the LPN advisory committee. Mieke will be pitching a business case to Consumer Affairs April 26th, requesting funding for those projects and for education for people sitting on the disciplinary panel. Another action item completed recently was the securing of a lawyer for the disciplinary panel for the next 3 years (prior to this, our panel, people with no legal background were being expected to write legal documents and submit them to the court). Most importantly, the Committee sees the need to take a preventative approach so are pushing for the regulatory changes advised in the supreme court ruling and from the Ombudsman.

Mieke also deals with all complaints and discipline for the YRNA. She mentioned the training that has been sourced for their use and its value. She also mentioned that because of the size of our community, there is often a conflict with any professional in the field being asked to be on the disciplinary committee of another professional. To avoid the conflict presented in small town Yukon, the YRNA has recruited trained people from CRNBC to complete disciplinary investigations.

In response to the question of whether it is a conflict to be on both the LPN Association and the Advisory or Disciplinary Committee, Mieke suggested that these are not conflicting.

Lastly Mieke strongly expressed that YRNA and its members want to support LPNs and to see our Association succeed. All LPNs were encouraged to call and approach the YRNA with suggestions, requests, etc. For one thing, the YRNA may be a source of free legal advice. She also reiterated that there is funding for education that is for nursing in general but is currently handled by the YRNA through the Management Fund Committee. This goal is for a greater interdisciplinary approach for continuing education around nursing leadership and management and the YRNA would like input if any LPNs have suggestions for training. The last used funds were to put to the EPEC-O course offered last weekend. Much of the funding was though CPAC (Canadian Partnership against Cancer) and it was a successful course with 5 of the seats being filled by LPNS.

Additions to meeting agenda:
Theresa will speak about the job fair.

Minutes from last year’s AGM were circulated for approval.

The newly voted in logo was approved. See the Yukon LPN website, , for a viewing.

Theresa reviewed the job fair that the Association took part in last October. Our booth had information on what it is to be an LPN, and blood pressure testing was offered. The

YLPNA booth neighboured the YRNA booth which worked quite well for getting us out to the public. We had a flyer to give out with our mission and vision statements, info on

Yukon College training, and what LPN’s do.

The Yukon LPN Association’s mission and vision statements, developed this year, are:

To support Yukon LPNs through the provision of leadership, advocacy, mentorship and increased community awareness.

The Yukon LPN Association provides opportunities for collaboration, education, member’s input and community involvement.

The Association seeks to bring about policy and/or regulatory changes that advance the profession.

Theresa reviewed the year’s budget. We came in on budget, with the money we made from memberships being used to cover operating expenses.

Liability Insurance:
We are ready to roll it out!

Three different companies are willing to cover us. The coverage is pretty close to the same between them with $2 million being the minimum coverage we can purchase. The board will choose before the end of the month and once completed, details will be sent to everyone.

The group insurance will cover malpractice. There are a couple LPNs in the territory however, who are self employed and going into people’s homes. They may want   general liability insurance as well to cover potential accidents causing injury to self or patient property. For a minimal fee, general insurance can be purchased additionally.

Anyone interested should contact an association board member.

Costs for insurance are embedded in the membership fee. Your employer may cover the fee. The WGH collective agreement says “professional fees are covered” and WGH employees are encouraged to claim the cost. YG employee’s fees are currently not covered by their collective agreement. They are currently in negotiations and no longer accepting new additions for bargaining so this may need to be an issue addressed the next time YG union employees go to the bargaining table.

The association had received assurances from the current territorial government that they would ensure our membership and licensure fees would be covered for all LPNs however, but they have since backed out. On a side note, all other Canadian provinces have mandatory insurance, many more expensive than ours and also not covered so we are not in the worst situation.

Our policy will be bound as of the end of April. We will have to pay the full fee at that time. We will either need to base numbers on last year’s membership (72 people) or what we currently have but as of the end of April we will not be able to change fees even if more people join (more members = potentially lower fees). Next year our fees will change based on this year’s numbers.

Students will have a $25 association membership fee but will not have liability insurance with that fee. When an individual’s license is accomplished, the remaining amount will need to be paid.

There was a question raised about whether students using an interim license can/ need to have the liability insurance. Keri will look into it.

If anyone has anything they would like to see on the website, please forward it to a board member and we will see it added on.

Board Positions:
We have lost people throughout the year so a couple directors are needed.

Keri has been in the role of President for years and is willing to step down. This was discouraged by all at this time.

Amanda was elected to Vice President last year so has one more year in the term.

Jessie was elected to secretary last year so has one more year in the term.

Theresa stepped into the role of Treasurer mid year as the previous treasurer stepped down. Interest was shown for her role by Lindsay Heynen. There was discussion about what role students could take and it was decided that until they are licensed LPN’s they should not form the executive. However, Lindsay offered to work alongside Theresa assisting with taking care of membership cards and this was approved.

Shawna McEwan put herself forward as a director. She was accepted by Emerald Gillespie and seconded by Brenda Winstanley. Brenda Winstanley stepped forward as a director. She was accepted by Shauna McEwan and seconded by Emerald Gillespie.

Laura Gohl was nominated by Amanda Fraser. She was not in attendance at this meeting and will need to be confirmed.

Sarah Schleinkofer, Ann Doherty and Sherry Fairweather will stay on as Directors.

Strategic Planning:
We discussed hiring a strategy planner. This will cost money though we can get funding through Volunteer Yukon. If we were going to pay this expense, we would like much input from the membership. Please pass forward your ideas through a board member or the “contact” section of our web page.

Annual Event:
We would like to throw an annual event for our membership to come together yearly, outside of work. If anyone has ideas please share them, again, through a board member or the contact section of the website.