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Difference Between Yukon LPN Association Membership and Licensing

As an LPN in the Yukon Territory it is important to know that your licensing body (Yukon Government) and the Yukon LPN Association (your local advocate) are not one and the same. You are required by law to have a Yukon License to practice as an LPN in the Yukon. This is handled by the Consumer Affairs branch of Yukon Government: https://yukon.ca/en/nursing-and-midwifery

The Yukon LPN Association, on the other hand, is a newer organization in the Yukon that is working to advocate for LPNs, including implementing liability insurance. 2016 is the first year that group liability insurance has been available for Yukon LPNs but only when they choose to buy into it through LPN Association membership. The Yukon is one of two provinces/ territories in Canada that do not require an LPN to have insurance as a requirement for licensing. Additionally, employers will not require it not require it as a condition of employment. It is your choice to protect yourself and although your employer may have insurance it would not cover you for any personal liability should your practice be called into question.

What Else Does Your Membership Give You?

Along with liability insurance, your membership provides you access to members only communications, events and educational opportunities, in addition to discounts at several local businesses. To see which business have signed up as partners for our discount card program see the membership benefits page