Meeting Minutes 2017 AGM

Meeting start time: 1915 Meeting wrap up: 2102

Location: Copper Ridge Place, Rendezvous Room

Guest Speakers Mieke Leonard (chair of the LPN advisory committee and Executive Director of YRNA) and Mike Reynolds (lawyer for consumer affairs) came to talk about problems with current LPN regulations and how to change them.

What was Accomplished in 2016:

community event: sponsored a pool day at the CGC, open to the public. It was questioned what the point was of doing the community events. Answer: networking, advertising for our sponsors, publicity…

Suggestion from SherrylAnn, write an article for the Whats Up Yukon on LPNs, #s, etc.

Liability Insurance: Insurance and membership fee covered in the hospital but not in YG. YG Collective Agreement goes back to bargaining in 2 years. Suggested that someone should take responsibility of putting the request forward in a year.

Potential merge with YRNA:

Would help resolve many issues:

  • ability to lobby government,
  • framework
  • education
  • paid staff
  • office
  • manpower
  • expertise

Both YRNA and LPNs so far seem to be in support. There would need to be an official vote on both sides.

If we merge, we will pay one fee to one body.


We will need to have a special general meeting to have a vote with the YLPNA membership.

We need government buy in for funding for policy writing, staffing (LPN of staff), etc.

Part of the reason we started looking at merging was because other provinces have started doing so (BC, Nova Scotia, ) however, no one else has yet had both the licensing and association merge.

Overall, the surveys were very positive for merging from both LPN and RN perspective. Interestingly RNs were very unaware of our struggles. There were concerns about maintaining individual entities within the groups.

There will need to be tonnes and tonnes of consultation before anything can happen.

Now is a good time because Mieke is a great ally, knowledgeable and supportive of LPNs, she is in a role to help and she wants collaboration.

Need to contact every licensed LPN regarding what they want regarding a merger before any moves can be made to go ahead.

We may be able to put something on the website to inform members…. Mieke may be able to draft something.

Review of Finances:

Brought in $13000

Bought: laminator, website development, pool time, meeting supplies, liability insurance, laptop and accounting program for treasurer

Liberty tax is doing our taxes.

Increasing YLPNA members:

There was discussion regarding how to go about doing this.


President – Keri to stay on

Vice President – Lindsay Heynen

Secretary – Jessie to stay on

Treasurer – Theresa to stay on

Directors –

  • Brenda Winstanley
  • Karen Gilbert
  • Sheryl Ann Wasson
  • Janeen Pazilowski
  • Tom Ganabel
  • Sherry Fairweather