Member Meeting – June 17, 2015

LPN Association Member Meeting
Wednesday June 17, 2015
Meeting start time: 1910 Meeting wrap up: 2125
Location: Thomson Centre Fireside Room

In Attendance:
Board: Keri Moore (president and chair), Amanda Fraser (vice president), Jessie
Rushant (secretary and minutes), Tara Goodwin-Chief (treasurer), Cassandra Wood
(treasurer), Sherry Fairweather (director), Theresa Beaudoin (director), Tombari
Ganabel (director)
Association Members: Chelsie Jakesta, Julia Gerlach, Maribel Mamis

This meeting is a review and update for Yukon LPNs on what your Association has been up to since our AGM in April.

Corporate Affairs Update
The forms for registration as an association are all new this year. Completion of the
process is almost complete.

Before we can begin collecting membership fees and applying for grants we need a
bank account. Setting up an account for an NGO is complex but the process is
underway and we should be building a fund by the end of the summer.

Membership Fees
As agreed at the AGM, membership fees will be $25/year. After much investigation it
seems cash or cheque are the only viable options for collecting fees as the costs for
other means of collection such as Paypal or online banking will be too expensive. We
will likely start collecting fees at the September membership meeting. Fees will be for
operational events (ie AGM), educational sessions (ie bringing people in and taking
part in already occurring speakers), inclusion in events (ie rental of booths at job fairs,
Relay for Life, etc). Most of the collection will likely be towards bigger events at this

The website is well underway thanks to Sherry. Information about current board
members is on and the website is up and running. Please visit us at
On the contacts page there is space to enter comments/questions to the Association
that will then be appropriately directed and answered.
Future plans for the website include:
• Yukon Health Care jobs link.
• Making it a place to help with recruiting LPNs (ie for the new LTC facility).
• Links for jobs advertisements.
• LPN competencies
• A description of all places LPNs can work in the Yukon.
• Up and coming local workshops.

Liability Coverage
After meeting with consumer services, the YRNA, and others it looks like mandating
fees for liability insurance will likely be the best option. It will take some time to see
insurance come to fruition as we will be waiting on a change in legislation from
Corporate Affairs. Eventually the YLPNA will need to handle fees which will cost
around $100-$125 annually since All Yukon LPNs will have to buy in.
Because it will be a mandated license requirement, many employers will cover the
cost. If you do not think your employer will cover this, it might be something to bring
up at your next union negotiations. There was discussion around long term care
going into union negotiations and potential need to change wording so YG will cover
expense for liability insurance. Collective Bargaining Input is the name of process to
change items in collective agreement.
In regards to the collective agreement, Thomson Centre staff want to change wording
to have new grads oriented for a year before they are put in the role of Team Leader.
Discussion around the YLPNA role in advocating for these new grads determined that
the union has more power than YLPNA however the YLPNA can provide strong
advocacy and voice concerns to management and consumer services to try to obtain
regulation changes.
An LPN from Macauley spoke of having 4 orientation shifts then being left alone
overnight with no other nursing support other than a phone number for an RN at CRP
and the WGH emergency department. Discussion surrounded the huge concerns
requiring insurance.
We can provide advocacy for new grads and make sure that they know we will be
available to do so.

Collaborating with YRNA
The consensus is that the LPN Association will remain independent from but
collaborate with the YRNA. Keri will be meeting with their Executive Director, Mieke,
for lunch on June 29. Examples of collaboration might include having seats for LPNs
at workshops initiated by YRNA.

Lobbying government for Funding and/or grants
It is hard to proceed without money but how to get money? Amanda D has
investigated and found that you really need to be established to get some of the
bigger grants. This includes having a mission and vision statement which is in
progress. In the interim, while we work towards becoming a recognized and
established association we will apply for some of the smaller grants. We will also look
to acquiring donations locally for some of our smaller needs and costs.

Community Involvement
To gain the support of the community, and obtain funding options we need to make
ourselves known and contribute to our community. We have been exploring various
ways to do this including:
• Take part in the job fair at the cultural centre in October. Due to space and timing,
this may not be possible for the fall however, if not, there is also a fair in the spring
or we may be able to collaborate with the college or public health at their booths.
We would provide info about what it is to be an LPN, job opportunities including
new opportunities opening up, focus on scope, and requirements for schooling.
Theresa and Sarah are exploring these options.
• Tara is looking into our volunteering at the Back to School fair with public health.
• Set up a booth at CGC one afternoon providing some form of public health
education. A benefit to this is that the cost is small. There was discussion about the
possibility of doing this at the same time as Flu vaccine clinic (ie hand washing or
lice education while people wait).

Annual Event Ideas
We are aiming to host an annual non-formal, non-meeting event for LPN Association
members as an opportunity to build our sense of community and morale. There was
discussion about the possibility of obtaining donations for the event in exchange for
advertisement. There was also discussion about what the event will be (potlach?
barbecue? location?). We may use the website as a place to vote on this.

Add Ons:
There was discussion about whether or not we can we make a Facebook page for the
association. Amanda F will speak to YTG media people for advice tomorrow.
There was discussion about the need to educate the public about what an LPN is. In
addition to community events it was suggested that newspaper and radio could be
good routes to “getting ourselves out there”. It was noted that the general public
would be astonished to hear we have no insurance. Amanda will send an article she
has found from CNA about how all Canadian health professionals should have
mandatory insurance. There is no doubt Consumer Services will support making
insurance mandatory.

Mission and Vision:
In order to be established and apply for funding we need both a mission and vision
statement. Additionally, a business plan is a strategic plan that we should be creating
annually based on our mission and vision statements. The vision is what a group
aims to achieve in the big picture while the mission is generally what the group will do
now to attain the vision.

The last hour and a half of the meeting was spent in a group activity to collect ideas
for these statements. The activity was led by Amanda and Theresa.

From the ideas generated tonight the board will create the mission, and vision
statements. They will be presented at the next member meeting before they are

Next board meeting early September.
Membership meeting will be after the board meeting but before the first annual event.
Please stay tuned.