Member Meeting – Sep 30, 2015

LPN Association Member Meeting Minutes
Wednesday September 30, 2015

Meeting start time: 1900 Meeting wrap up: 2120
Location: Copper Ridge Place Multi Purpose Room

Directors In Attendance: Amanda Fraser, Keri Moore (president), Teresa Beaudoin,
Sherry Fairweather, Aaron Bielz, Sarah Schlienkofer, Jessie Rushant (meeting minutes)
Late Arrival: Tombari Ganabel

The board of directors were introduced to the members.

Keri gave a rundown of the agenda.

The YLPNA has an official website and it is up and running. A friend of Sherry’s has
been doing most of the work developing it so far. Jessie and Sherry will be trained to
maintain the website in order to keep it up to date with meeting minutes, links, etc. Stay

Tara has stepped down as a Director. Theresa was introduced as the acting Treasurer
until the next AGM when a Treasurer can officially be elected. Cassandra is not in

Job Fair
Sarah introduced the idea of participation in the next job fair on October 29 1030-4 at
the KDCC. If we sign up by Oct 2, the fee is $100. The reasons for joining the job fair
were discussed, including the need to educate the public about who we are for the
profession and for making the association known, and to encourage people to join the
LN profession. Volunteers signed up. Sarah and Aaron will take the lead on the project.

Liability Insurance
There was discussion around the fact that LPN’s are not covered other than what the
workplace provides. The cost of purchasing liability insurance as an individual is
expensive, so we are looking at group insurance which would require a buy in from all
LPN’s to make it affordable. One idea, and the most viable one, is mandating liability
insurance in order to be licensed as an LPN in the Yukon. In order to do this there are
wording changes that need to take place in documents at Corporate Affairs, the
department that controls our licensing. Keri had positive feedback in regards to the
attitude and the ability to make these changes from two individuals in Corporate Affairs
who have since retired. Keri will be meeting with Alicia Bell from Consumer Services on
October 5th to get more details about the wording that needs to change, the timeline
that is required, and who in Consumer Services will take the lead on this project. Other
than mandating the liability insurance, Corporate Affairs would not be involved so the
LPN Association will be in charge of the set up, collection of fees, etc. Therefore, the
cost of insurance will be included in future membership fees.

YRNA Collaboration
YRNA and YLPNA have agreed that they should remain separate entities however the
YRNA is enthusiastic about including LPN’s in their activities such as training, meetings,
etc. They are organizing an all candidates forum on October 13th for the upcoming
election and have invited all LPN’s. Keri will forward the invite.

Members meetings:
We have been doing 4 a year plus the AGM for 5 meetings a year. It has been
suggested that 5 are too many but that if we go down to two, people may not get to
attend. The number/ year will go to vote at the April AGM.

The revenue and expenses for the year were presented and explained by Theresa.

Mission and Vision Statements
Mission and Vision Statements were presented to and agreed on by the membership.
Here they are!
Vision: To support Yukon LPNs through the provisions of leadership, advocacy, mentors
hip and increased community awareness.
Mission: Yukon LPN Association provides opportunity for collaboration, education,
member’s input and community involvement.
The Association seeks to bring about policy and/or regulatory changes that advance the

Logo contest:
The hunt for a YLPNA logo is being put to competition. All members and others are
encouraged to enter for prize $$$$. Entrees can be submitted in hard copy to any
Director or scanned and emailed to any director. Contact and contest information will be
on the YLPNA website. Entries need to be submitted by January. Three will be chosen
by the board members then those three will be posted on the website to be voted on by
all members. The official logo will be presented at the next AGM. Non members please
submit too.

In the future there will be a different rate for students and licensed LPNs however this
year they will be the same rate. The cost is currently $25/year however, since the
renewal takes place in April, the fee is half this year: $12.50.
They include a dozen amazing discounts to local stores and are currently for sale.
Please contact anyone on the board to obtain registration documents. Payment can be
made by cash, transfer, or cheque.
The first memberships went on sale at this meeting.

Concerns with the LPN Disciplinary Panel
Karen Gilbert came as the chair of the Advisory Committee to speak about concerns
with the disciplinary panel. The overall problem is that the LPN Act is vague so there are
many holes around what is and isn’t acceptable for LPN discipline:
-The Disciplinary Panel/ Committee of Inquiry is comprised of 2 LPNs and one
community member. These individuals are volunteers who receive no training but are
tasked with being judge, and jury around issues that impact your career. This involves
collecting evidence, filing paperwork, etc. They need more guidance!
Karen has been in touch with the Ombudsman and Corporate Affairs’ lawyer and is
hoping that the Ombudsman will make available money for training the committee
-There is no mandatory time limit for the disciplinary process written into our LPN Act.
The Disciplinary Committee receives the complaint within two weeks but from there
the process can take years in which you may be unable to work, and may need to pay
your own legal fees.
-Unlike in other jurisdictions, there is no criteria for what is a valid complaint written into
our LPN Act. Anybody (patient, family member, community member, coworker,
employer, etc) can file a complaint to Consumer Affairs about anything and they do not
need to provide proof. For example, the complaint may say only “unsafe with meds” or
“provides poor care” but provides no examples, and no evidence. Due to Access to
Information and Protection of Privact Act (ATIPP), the disciplinary committee has not
even been able to get copies of MARs or incident reports to assist with investigations.
Again, your career may be put on hold while the investigation is ongoing.
-Also missing from the LPN Act, are clear guidelines about appropriate discipline
meaning outcomes can vary widely from increased training, to loss of jobs, to hefty
-While Consumer Affairs, as the licensing body, has a lawyer, you as the LPN with no
liability insurance are not legally covered other than what your employer may or may
not provide. As the union does not cover licensing requirements, these are not issues
that can be brought to the union. Because of the expanded scope of practice, the
growing number of LPNs working, and the proposed facilities that will staff many
more, the number of complaints is rising and liability insurance is becoming more
important than ever.

After the latest court case, the disciplinary committee is looking to have the LPN Act revised. Stay tuned….